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released April 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Our Place Or Yours London, Ontario

5-piece progressive metalcore from London, Ontario


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Track Name: Our Last Stand
Take a step back
Realize what you're up against
We're not gonna sit down
While you push us up against the fence

Get ready for a fight
You're all alone now
You don't have the right to say what goes or what you own

All you'll be is a broken memory
Of secret control and stupid guilt
The excuse of a sad story
Isn't gonna help you out
Don't expect royalty
See the severence and realization

Expect the retaliation

Feel the heartache
Of these darkened claws
Tonight we stop the look of weakness
Tonight we kick out the flaws

Get ready for a fight
You're all alone now
With our combined might
You won't stand a chance


Shut your mouth.

Track Name: Betrayal
Now that we're here I can't take the disrespect
I saw this coming but I'm so filled with disgust
You know there were so many things I stressed
I can't believe, in you I put my trust.

I know you think I can't take this
But I'm stronger than you
You don't believe it
You two are such a waste of my time
That pen and paper should never mix and
Neither should you, it makes no sense
Get any closer and you will hit the ground.

Now you don't deserve this much
Never again (Never again), try to shake my hand
You will never get that satisfaction
Because for her I stand.


I will break you!

Track Name: Decisions
I sometimes wish I could be more
I think I'm not enough
My dreams, unreachable
A smile I don't own, uncreatable.

Nothing is easy
But nothing is impossible
Bring me down
Bring me down.

My words go to waste
Tear this tongue from my mouth
So we can breathe again
This will change, things will change.


This all ends now.
Track Name: YNPIG
Get out!

My life is poisoned
And as of now
There is no hope
No feelings of regret
They're gone!
You found a way to push them out
And now they're lost.

The bridge is crossed but there's no way back
What happened?
It's gone, collapsed.
Passed the point of no return
You try, only to jump and miss the edge.

You think it's ok?
I'm not allowed to think that you're wrong
But you are
And I plan on leaving you to deal with
The pain as I once did.

And now you're falling
You say it's not possible
Because you've always had help
Someone to grab your hand
But not now.

How does it feel ?
It's new to you
That no one can bail you out
It's just me and you.

This world does not care
Underneath the heat of regret
Is no water at the bottom of this pit.

And you think it's ok
Have you accepted the decisions
That have put you back in this place?
No matter, I'm done
And it's finally over
Regret everything as I regret nothing.
Track Name: Ruins
This is where it starts
Here it goes again
No rules or bounds
Just you and this game
You play to win
But it's your tactics
That leave us thinking
That you're taking all this a little too seriously.

Give us a chance
Can't you see what you're doing?

You know what you're doing
Reach your goals
And set your records
You fucking prick
The rest of us try.

We try so hard
We make it fair
But why?
You don't seem to care.

Use your tactics to step on our pride!

This is what happens when you get backed into a corner
Where no one can help you out
This is why you can't fight back
You just sit there waiting
For this to attack you!

You know what?
I'm done
I don't need this shit, let's face it
You attention whore
You've put us in a place we don't care to be in.

You've proven to us
That your hypocrite attitude
Angers just about everyone
So you better learn
That you can't cheat through life
But it seems you're willing to try.

You try to get places
Using minimal effort
And you expect red carpet
To get you to your dreams.


I watch you breeze through life
Without thinking about the future
Taking the easy route
To success
And leaving me behind
Which leaves me thinking why
I try so hard.
I try so hard.
I try so fucking hard.

Open wide you piece of shit!